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Life Comes at You Fast. Be Prepared.

UberID MyHealth is the optimal way any individual can self-manage all their vital health information and use some or all of that information to get immediate first responder assistance and informed medical attention.

The UberID platform provides medical professionals secure and Member managed access to crucial information that can transform emergency response and decision making.


Features Overview

The following are just a few of the features of this unique platform for managing your health information.


Unlimited EMERGEnCY Connections.

UberID was founded on the basis that people need people and that Connections matter more than ever when people have accidents, or need assistance. That innate human need for family and loved one's support is magnified when the person needing emergency care cannot speak the healthcare providers primary language. UberID provides unlimited Connections.


Global-Ready, Today.

Travel anywhere in the world and get the assistance you need. Don't make others coming to your rescue try and speak your language. UberID® is global-ready today with 11 languages as standard.

UberID® Traveler ID Cards are available for:  

  • English (US),
  • French,
  • German,
  • Spanish,
  • Portuguese,
  • Hindi
  • Japanese (Kanji),
  • Chinese (Traditional and Mandarin),
  • Arabic,
  • Hebrew.

A complete profile...that you control.

Every data element is controlled by you or your appointed 'delegate'. You decide what information you want a First Responder or EMT to see. Share all, some or nothing. 

We believe in supporting the 'SOAP' protocol employed in emergency rooms around the world, so we encourage the sharing of allergies, medications, prior surgeries, vaccinations and even information on living wills/DNR or your organ donation wishes. It's all supported by UberID®.


Concierge Member Services

UberID is a Member driven enterprise that offers superior customer service. The Member services team can assist with the setup, guidance on best practices and healthcare updates. Whether a Member wishes to replace binders full of their medical records, or just allergy data, the UberID® team can assist. There is no cost to Members. It is all part of the service.


Many Services, one Platform.

Today the average American age 20+ has seen or interacted with at least 8 medical practices including hospitals, clinics, outpatient services and more.

The UberID® Platform is the first Member-centric service to turn that model upside down. UberID provides Members the ability to store all their information from any of your medical professionals in one place. Take control and have limitless, life-time entries for all your medical visits, tests and activities in one place.


We, the people....

In an age of increased intrusion into the deepest parts of our lives by insurance companies, drug companies, pharmacies, government agencies and data brokers, the UberID™ Platform service was created as your health record management system - and to keep it that way. UberID™ will fight, as part of its core mission, for all members to have a secure, private place to manage their data. It is fully understood that ...we are merely the Custodians of our Member's information. No Member's data shall ever belong to UberID".